Announcing New Workshops for 2013

We’re excited to announce four upcoming workshops for 2013! Check out these great workshops, and register now!

REGISTER NOW! Intro to Theatre of the Oppressed [January 13, 2013]
Our popular one-day Intro workshop has introduced hundreds of people to Theatre of theOppressed theory and techniques. Come join us and learn about how you can use TO in your work and take away a bunch of fun games and activities to facilitate!

REGISTER NOW! Jokering 101: How to facilitate Forum Theatre [February 2-3, 2013]
The Joker is the facilitator of the Forum Theatre event, an exciting dialogic performance. Gaining experience as a Forum Theatre Joker, however, can be tricky. Join The Forum Project in this fun, practice-focused workshop to learn how to skillfully engage both actors and audience in Forum Theatre.

REGISTER NOW! From Image to Action: Using Theatre of the Oppressed for Change [March 10, 2013]
In order to achieve social, political and economic justice we must continually evolve our strategies for organizing and action. Theatre of the Oppressed offers a wide array of techniques that explore strategies to combat oppression. Learn how to TO can be used as a tool to develop concrete plans of action to face oppression and change the world.

Theatre of the Oppressed for Educators Series [Weekday evenings in March]
How can Theatre of the Oppressed transform the learning experience?  Join other educators one night weekly to explore how TO can be used as an education tool in classroom settings, holistically incorporated into curriculum and help to strengthen the class/school community. MORE INFO AND REGISTRATION COMING SOON!

We are adding workshops all the time! Stay tuned to learn when you can register for great workshops like the ones above. To get an email notification of our schedule update click here