Can you spare two dollars?

Two bucks is all it takes.

There is only one day left to contribute to The Forum Project’s scholarship drive, and you can help us make it across the finish line! We are half way to raising enough money to give 25 scholarships to those who need them, and only need a little bit from you to help us reach our goal.


This past Sunday, The Forum Project held our first workshop of 2013, and already gave two full scholarships and several registrations at significantly reduced sliding scale rates. Read what one recipient wrote about her experience.

My name is Dedunu and I attended the “Intro to Theatre of the Oppressed” workshop on Sunday the 13th. I just wanted to relay my many thanks and appreciation once again for providing me the opportunity to participate in your workshop. Alex and Leigh were amazing facilitators, and our group was wonderful to work with. I felt that I could do these kinds of exercises over and over, and always learn something new, since Alex and Leigh really explained them well, and provided a supportive space to discuss. I cannot express enough gratitude for understanding how so many artists, organizers, educators, allies, and disenfranchised communities lose out on learning these techniques, simply because we cannot afford them. How can we promote such tools, if we are contributing to the very, systemic oppression that prevents parties who need it most from creating, spreading, and improving upon effective change? As someone who was turned down by another TO group, who did not offer to compromise at all, I thank you. I’m sure it must be difficult at times to obtain funds.

You can help us assure people like Dedunu and others “who need it most” are capable of accessing these important tools that change the world.