Kind Words

We love hearing from you about your experiences with The Forum Project. Please keep the kind words coming! Email your thoughts about our work to admin@theforumproject.org.

I did a weekend session with [The Forum Project] two years ago and it was truly a life-changing experience. Through Theatre of the Oppressed, I gained a deeper understanding of systems of oppression and complex expressions of power and privilege. I also learned more about myself and how I want to/can make change in the spaces I occupy.  Jaime-Jin, Border Crossers

I cant think of a better way to move the needle on oppression dialogue than giving people space and tools to practice difficult conversations in a supportive setting. The Forum Project has phenomenal facilitators—skillfully meeting participants where they are along cultural competency lines while gleefully inviting them to move deeper into the work. – TFP Course Participant

This workshop was amazing and I left it with very real tools (in the form of games and facilitation techniques) that I can use in my classroom to examine power, privilege, and oppression in a way my students can benefit from. – James, educator

Learning from talented and informed facilitators and working with amazing participants allowed me to gain new skills that will undoubtedly help our us engage our community members in creative thought around safety issues we face. Thank you, from AVP staff, and the constituency we serve. – Justin, organizer

I really enjoyed this latest experience courtesy The Forum Project. I benefit tremendously from the combination of community, inquiry and knowledge-sharing that this organization facilitates. – E, teaching artist

The Theatre of The Oppressed for Educators Workshop was engaging and informative. We were nurtured yet challenged, and there was never a moment where we were not engaged. The Forum Project strongly encouraged a community of sharing and collaborating, and I feel confident to begin incorporating TO into my lesson plans, knowing that they and the larger community will continue to support and advise my work. – Isabel, educator

Learned a ton, had a blast, met great folks!! – Workshop participant

Exhausting, inspiring, and hopeful, a wonderful way to spend the weekend. – Workshop participant

Ive gone to Forum Project events and they really are great opportunities to deepen our understanding of how systems of oppression work and their histories without all the academic jargon. – Art educator

Few of us associate theatre with activism but with only a turn around a corner The Forum Project reveals how deeply the two are in arms. By informing, by questioning, by enacting, theatre is at the heart of activism in the eyes of this group. To see theatre as activist blesses theatre with purpose. To see activism as theatre offers activists a connection to their creativity and expands their voices. – Brian, activist

The Forum Project’s work is so vital for everyone, the more people who can have the opportunity for even a taste of the possibilities they offer, the better the world becomes…that experience is carried with each of us to every part of our lives. I was able to work with a team of wonderful facilitators and caring participants, all who share the goal of creating a more humane world culture. I could not have afforded to participate in these programs without the scholarships. It is vital to keep this option for anyone who would be prevented from participating due to lack of funds. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have attended. –T. of TINK Theatre

I felt that I could do these kinds of exercises over and over, and always learn something new, since The Forum Project really explained them well, and provided a supportive space to discuss. – Dedunu

I learned from The Forum Project how to use theater as a forum to remember, materialize, discuss, and reflect social issues…These workshops helped me grow professionally and personally and think that every artist should have this opportunity to not only improve themselves, but to receive the knowledge and tools they need to help improve societies. –Elena, organizer

The Theatre of the Oppressed workshop hosted by The Forum Project was both entertaining and enlightening. The workshop energized the participants and gave us new tools with which to express ourselves. [TFP] builds excellent and innovative skills to strategize for future actions, ones that will intrigue and pull great attention to our causes as a movement. –Mo, Seed305

The main reason why I really enjoyed this workshop was because I’m pretty introverted and often shy. By celebrating freedom of expression, little by little I learn to feel less self conscious and also quite supported by the people around me. How does this tie into fighting my oppression? As I learn to feel more comfortable with myself, I learn to be more courageous, and I believe my own words, it will have an impact on the way and amount of strength I have to fight the oppression I face. It will make me a more efficient activist if I’m not afraid to be myself. –Mily, Palm Beach State College SWER

I really enjoyed the Theatre of the Oppressed workshop. I thought it was very energetic andhad a fresh, new and very clear message. This type of approach encourages involvement in a movement and to take initiative when it comes to something as important as social justice.  This type of workshop should be learned and spread like wildfire. –Camilo, Palm Beach County Coalition for Immigrant Rights

I absolutely love Theatre of the Oppressed.  It was very inspiring and insightful and even though it started with simple things as jumping when the called out the word “name” it made me think and help me see things different and be aware of how other people view things differently as well. –Victoria, Lakeland SWER

The Forum Project really helped me understand the political powers as it stands regionally and nationally. –Mustafa, Gainesville Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Justice

Este tipo de ejercicio es muy importante, especial para llevarlo a las calles donde a muchos jóvenes metidos en cosas que no les hace bien como drogas y violencia. Esto hay que seguir haciéndole para poder compartirlo.  Con esto se hace un buen ejemplo para los jóvenes de cómo poder expresarse en cambio de andar en la calle. –Miguel, We Count!

What  a great workshop that was! The first night of the workshop, I couldnt get to sleep, I kept thinking of what was said and done. The energies of positive, safe, reassuring, thoughtfulness filled the room we were in because of you…This workshop, was such an eye opener for me. I can take what I have learned from you and apply all that I have learned in your workshop into my craft. And hopefully, help students see, feel, and understand a little bit better of themselves, the people, and the world around them.  – Dean, educator

Thank you so much for providing the Theatre of the Oppressed workshop. It was enlightening and A LOT of fun. I would love to see this as a full two day workshop to be able to delve deeper.  Thank you and awesome job. –Leah, Seed305

Loved it. Leigh and Alex were very informative and made me feel like it was ok to do or say most anything. Very non-judgemental space. Good use of the time, nice mix of activities. –Anon.

This was a lovely experience. The energy, passion, knowledge and commitment to moving the work forward that Leigh and Alex had are true examples of leading by example. –Anon.

I had a really great experience. I felt like Leigh and Alex created an incredibly supportive environment to learn about TO. The structure of the workshop was really well organized. I liked the mix of games and conversation. The time flew by. Both Alex and Leigh were extremely knowledgeable and experienced group leaders. It was very educational I believe I learned the most possible in such a short amount of time. –Anon.