The Forum Project’s Scholarship Drive

 “The Forum Project helped me grow professionally and personally and think that every artist should have the opportunity to not only improve themselves, but to receive the knowledge and tools they need to help improve societies.”

– Elena, organizer in Guatemala and a TFP scholarship recipient

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The Forum Project has given workshop and course scholarships and reduced rates worth multiple thousands of dollars to educators, advocates and artists who are working to make a difference in the world, and we need your help to keep this up! Any amount will help.

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Everyone should have access to creative tools to fight oppression.

The Forum Project offers creative tools for creating change. We work through critical pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to offer creative methods through which individuals and communities can explore and understand the world, their community and their lives and develop creative tactics towards liberation. We also support educators, artists, advocates and organizers by providing workshops and trainings on how to utilize these tools to create change in their communities.

But most importantly, The Forum Project’s workshops and trainings are available to anyone regardless of ability to pay!

We believe everyone should have access to creative tools to fight oppression. We offer scholarships and sliding scale payment options so these tools can be available to everyone, especially people doing good work to make the world a better place! Help us continue to make this possible by making a gift today.

Your impact

Educators, advocates, social change artists and organizers are dedicated people striving to make the world a better place, and yet are compensated so poorly that they often have time sustaining themselves. The people who come to The Forum Project are looking for new ways to challenge oppression and to create liberation, but many cannot afford expensive professional development, continuing education or skill-building opportunities.

Your contribution will support passionate, brilliant and dedicated educators, advocates, artists and organizers–people doing good work! With your support, these change makers will be able to attend workshops and classes that provide them with new theoretical frameworks, concrete, creative tools and help them grow both personally and as an agent of change! By reaching our goal The Forum Project will be able to provide scholarships to 25 people over the next year.

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But don’t take our word for it. Read these accounts from a few of The Forum Project’s scholarship and sliding scale recipients and learn just how important this work is!

“Learning from talented and informed facilitators and working with amazing participants allowed me to gain new skills that will undoubtedly help our us engage our community members in creative thought around safety issues we face. Thank you, from AVP staff, and the constituency we serve.” – Justin, organizer

“The Forum Project’s work is so vital for everyone, the more people who can have the opportunity for even a taste of the possibilities they offer, the better the world becomes…that experience is carried with each of us to every part of our lives. I was able to work with a team of wonderful facilitators and caring participants, all who share the goal of creating a more humane world culture. I could not have afforded to participate in these programs without the scholarships. It is vital to keep this option for anyone who would be prevented from participating due to lack of funds. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have attended.”  – T. of TINK Theatre

“The new techniques I learned I’ve shared with youth who may never have had access to the opportunity to express themselves through movement and imagery. I am grateful to have had the opportunity. I would not have been able to attend the workshop without [a scholarship].” – Meredith, teaching artist and social worker

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