Occupy the Stage

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Occupy the Stage is visiting communities and actions across New York City to engage people in dialogue about the issues of oppression addressed by Occupy. Our interactive Forum Theatre scenes spark lively conversation and deep critical analysis of the complex issues of debt, the racial wealth gap, immigration and oppression of domestic workers and more. If you’d like to invite OtS to your event, please email us at occupythestagenyc@gmail.com.


Occupy the Stage (OtS) is performing Occupy Wall Street, using Forum Theatre as a way to communicate and dialogue about important issues of and within the Occupy movement.

The Forum Project is working with organizers at Occupy Wall Street to develop a Forum performance series developed and performed by a community of Occupiers. The performance itself would explore issues of oppression important to the Occupy movement and be a space for public theatrical dialogue to begin conversations around anti-oppressive engagement.


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