TFP Feature - Advanced Techniques CollageThe Forum Project provides workshops and training opportunities for educators, artists, community organizers, social workers, advocates and leaders to learn more about creative pedagogical tools that entertain, excite and engage communities while working towards education and social change.

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Deconstructing Power, Privilege and Oppression

Our Break it Down: Deconstructing Systems of Power, Privilege and Oppression workshops are available to community groups, organizations, schools and more. These embodied workshops provides a framework to think (and act!) outside of the box, and to envision new possibilities and tactics for liberation from the smallest interaction in our day, to the largest institutional force of oppression. Click to learn more. 

Creative Dialogues

SONY DSCWe work with groups to develop embodied workshop experiences that inspires critical reflection, community connection and deep dialogue around a variety of topics, events and shared experiences relating to power, privilege and oppression. For more information, please contact us at

We also can provide the following workshop topics. To bring these workshops to your organization, school or community group! Email us at

Addressing Racism Using Theatre of the Oppressed
Through Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) games and activities, participants will sharpen their skills in recognizing structural racism, and learn ways to break mechanized thought patterns that perpetuate oppression. This highly interactive workshop is fun, fast-paced and playful, and has a participatory approach that enables activists, educators, and racial justice advocates to grow their toolbox for affecting social change. Games and conversations will revolve around issues of structural inequities, allyship, intentionality and impact, and systems analysis on levels of racism.

Queer Conscientização: Foundations for Understanding Anti-Queer Oppression
See how Theatre of the Oppressed can be used as a tool for topic-specific dialogue as we explore such topics as sexual identity, gender and gender expression, heterosexism, queer language and terms, and power.

Gender Beyond the Binary
Gender is one of the most prominent and pervasive of social constructs, and yet it is often understood only in the narrowest of terms. The gender binary, a structure that only recognizes maleness and femaleness, limits understanding of how gender functions in society. This participatory and dialogic workshop will allow participants to creatively explore several of the many different facets of gender—gender assignment, gender roles, gender identity and gender expression—to inform a greater understanding of gender oppression.

Theatre of the Oppressed Training

The Forum Project has provided hundreds of organizers, artists, educators and activists with creative tools explore power, privilege and oppression and to engage their communities in powerful reflection and dialogue. See some of the workshops we offer below.

Intro to Theatre of the Oppressed
Our popular one-day Intro workshop has introduced hundreds of people to Theatre of the Oppressed techniques.

Intro to Forum Theatre
In this one-day workshop you will go through a process to develop a short Forum Theatre play and learn how Forum Theatre can be used as a rehearsal for reality.

Theatre of the Oppressed for Educators Series
How can Theatre of the Oppressed transform the learning experience? Join other educators one night weekly to explore how TO can be used as an education tool in classroom settings, holistically incorporated into curriculum and help to strengthen the class/school community.

Rainbow of Desire
How do we fight internalized oppression? How do the oppressive structures and functions in society inhibit our liberation?  How can theatre open the way to greater personal freedom? Rainbow of Desire is a series of theatrical techniques with very therapeutic outcomes. Through fun games and intense images we will explain the process by which theatre can address internalized oppression and fight the Cops in the Head.

DSC_0249Joker Laboratory: How to facilitate Forum Theatre
The Joker is the facilitator of the Forum Theatre event, an exciting dialogic performance. Gaining experience as a Forum Theatre Joker, however, can be tricky. Join The Forum Project in this fun, practice-focused workshop to learn how to skillfully engage both actors and audience in Forum Theatre.

From Image to Action: Using Theatre of the Oppressed for Social Change
Art is a powerful political tool, but how can it be used for concrete action? Can creative expression be used to develop strategies for organizing? Participants will be guided through a series of games and exercises that challenge how one understands their environment and communities. Through discussion and exploration, participants will be encouraged to explore systems of oppression and learn how to TO can be used as a tool to develop concrete plans of action to face oppression and change the world.

TFP Mail - TO Intensive

Theatre of the Oppressed Intensive

For anyone seeking personal and professional exploration, this four-day intensive workshop will prepare participants to begin using Theatre of the Oppressed techniques and tools into their work. Come join, learn and create with educators, organizers, artists and activists from across the country!


The Forum Project also works with groups, classes and organizations to provide custom workshops, training, curriculum and resource development, performances and more! Click here to learn more about including The Forum Project in your work!

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