Flexible Payment Options

Everyone should have access to creative tools to fight oppression.

The Forum Project has given workshop and course scholarships and reduced rates worth multiple thousands of dollars to educators, advocates, artists and organizers who are working to make a difference in the world, and we need your help to keep it up! Make a gift to support our flexible payment options. Any amount will help! 

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Flexible Payment, Sliding Scale and Scholarships

We at The Forum Project believe strongly in the power of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) to transform individuals and society and combat oppression. The people who can most benefit from TO tools are those who often, as a result of systemic oppression, are unable to afford substantive training. We seek to make these tools available to people who need them—people who are doing good work!

Because of this we work hard to increase access to creative tools for education and social justice by providing several flexible payment options, including:

  • Full payment by installment: If interested, please contact us at info@theforumproject.org.
  • Sliding scale or scholarship: Provided to make our workshops more accessible to those with limited income. To qualify, please fill out this SLIDING SCALE WORKSHEET.
  • Service donation or bartering: if you are interested in a service donation or bartering in exchange for your workshop attendance, please contact us at info@theforumproject.org.


It is our policy not to process refunds for cancellations less than 48 hour prior to the start of a workshop. Because many of our workshops fill to capacity, any person who registers fills a spot that could be occupied by someone else. Even if a registrant is unable to attend, their registration still prohibits another person from attending.

We understand emergencies happen, and will be happy to credit your payment to another workshop in the future.