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The Forum Project’s Performance Troupe is a team of theatre artists, advocates and educators using Theatre of the Oppressed’s Forum Theatre to engage communities in dialogue around a myriad of important social topics, including bullying, race, sexual harassment, body image, sexual orientation and more.

Forum Theatre is a performance where audience members take the stage to change the action of the play and to try to address the issues of oppression presented. Performances erupt into dialogue as audience members build their understanding around an issue through critical reflection and by taking action on stage. The resulting performance is dynamic, fast-paced, educational, inspiring and a lot of fun!

Invite the Performance Troupe to your community or classroom!

The Forum Project’s Performance Troupe is perfect for engaging your class, community group or organization members in dialogue about important issues. Using interactive Forum theatre, the Troupe entertains and educates by using theatre to pose questions and asking audience members to try out their ideas on stage. The resulting discussion is energetic, transformative, inspiring and lots of fun! Watch this video to see Forum Theatre in action.

We’re excited to visit your organization, classroom or community. The Performance Troupe has a number of scene available to present that encompass a myriad of important social topics. We also can work with a group to develop a scene tailored to engage in dialogue around a particular set of issues.

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TFP PT - Flirt (Texts)

The Flirt

Stacy has made a new a friend at school, Kevin, but it’s clear that Kevin wants to be more than “just friends.” What can you do when your flirtatious school friend won’t take no for an answer? Ages 14+.



TFP PT - Quota (Hands Up)The Quota

Jeremy is frustrated that he and members of his community keep getting stopped by the cops, and things get heated when he tries to reason with the officers. What can you do when you keep getting stopped by cops, just because of how you look? Includes explicit language.



TFP PT - Q Train (Prancing)

The Q Train

Filipe’s fun night out changes dramatically when he’s targeted by party boys for wearing glittery heels. What can you do when you’re harassed just for being your fabulous self? Includes explicit language. Watch The Q Train on stage at the Brooklyn Museum.



TFP PT - Test (Like Children)

The Test

Ms. Smith uses creative methods to teach science to her students, but Principal Henderson doesn’t like it when students aren’t sitting in their seats. What can you do when you’re not allowed to teach your students in the way they best learn?


Or watch The Test on stage at the Brooklyn Museum.

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